ERP system for hospitality with powerful partner solution network including POS, mobile orders, ERP, delivery and loyalty systems
Syrve is used for
  • ERP

    Stock, personal, finance management with forecasts, mobile apps, menu and reporting
  • POS

    Sales application for off-line shop, delivery processing and dine-in order taking
  • Delivery

    Delivery management with call center, logistics, driver navigation, apps and delivery websites
  • API solutions

    Restfull API protocols for external system integration: QR orders, payments and menu
Syrve functional modules
Syrve POS - streamline ordering
Table service isn’t just about being able to accept orders at the table - it’s about processing payments too:
  • Menu management - Create floor plans and upload your entire menu, no matter how simple or complex
  • Payments - Enable customers to settle their bills conveniently and securely when ready
  • Mobile orders - Remove the need for your staff to be running between tables and till
  • Delivery automation - Accept, manage, and track orders from every channel via one interface
Syrve Office - transparent control
Technology that connects the traditional and digital experience with powerful features:
  • Staff management - Empower your staff with easy-to-use tools and keep track of their goals
  • AI powered - Use AI forecasting to ensure you have the right people, at the right time
  • Motivation and control - Monitor individual and overall performance, and reward your best people
  • Real-time reporting - View your inventory in real-time and keep close tabs on stock levels, wastage and purchases.
Benefits for your business
  • Control over fixed and variable costs
  • Fraud detection and prevention procedures
  • Automatic resources planning
  • Inventory and self-cost real time control
  • Low commission on payments
  • Transparent processes and staff control options

SIA Smarttek MIXTURE and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia have signed an agreement Nr. SKV-L-2022/408 on September 5, 2022 about the support within the “Promotion of international competitiveness”

program that is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

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